Zkteco Access Control System in Dubai 2022

ZKTeco access control systems

ZKTeco access control systems are available at Mar tech. There is a variety among these systems, they are IP- based standalone access control panels, readers, tripod turnstile and accessories, and all the integration tools are available with these access control systems.

The technical and SDK’s support is also given to the users so that they can get a complete solution. The ZKTeco are capable of meeting the different needs. They can be installed at the simple and small single sites to the multisite network. These systems work efficiently throughout the country and even the world.

ZKTeco access control system price depends upon the choice of series and the number of accessories with the system. However, Mar Tech is the best shop for purchasing a ZKTeco Access control system reasonable price in Dubai. You can contact us online as well as visit our stores.

ZKTeco has a 30 years experienced research and development team, who has designed the systems to fulfill the security needs. ZKTeco’s access control systems are loaded with features that make them efficient.

ZKTeco Access Control Models

ZKTeco access control models are countless, and all these models are available at Mar Tech for the users in Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman.

The models may differ in some of the features, but all of them are capable or providing security. The different models are designed to meet the different needs of certain places. Some of the ZKTeco access control models are listed below for you:

1) iface990 ZKTeco

Iface990 ZKTeco can we used for marking the time and attendance, so, it is perfect for using in educational institutions and offices.

2) F18 ZKteco

F18 ZKteco can we recognise the person in just a second. It can be installed in offices.

3) ZKTeco tf1700

ZKTeco tf1700 is usable for marking attendance and time. You can install it in schools, offices, shops, garages factories and other places where marking attendance is compulsory.

4)ZK fr1200

ZK fr1200 is in excellent access control system which can detect the fingerprints, it can be installed in the places where the less number of persons enter, like at the entrance of home for the security reasons.

5) ZK Biopro sa40

ZK Biopro sa40 is another device for solving the problem of attendance. Install it at the places where marking the attendance is necessary, like schools, colleges, offices, factories etc.

6)ZKTeco f19

ZKTeco f19 is a fingerprint access control device, install it for getting security at your homes, offices, and garages etc.

7)sf100 ZKTeco

sf100 ZKTeco is also a fingerprint access control device. It is best for installing at homes, offices, and high risk areas.

8)ZK inbio 460

ZK inbio 460 is usable in lifts and elevators.

9)ZK f22

ZK f22 allows fingerprint access control systems in schools, officers, homes, and several other places.

10)ZKTeco f12

ZKTeco f12 provides fingerprint access control for homees and offices etc.
All these ZKTeco access control models have beautiful designs alongwith the durability.

ZKTeco Access Doors

ZKTeco access door device is installed at the doors. The whole system works with a particular mechanism for providing the security. It recognizes the fingerprints, and opens the door for entrance.

The access door system also recognizes the RFID cards and allows the entry. The magnetic lock, door contact, and UPS power supply all are the components of door access system. The device also offers “Exit No Touch” feature for exiting.

The exit break glass feature enables an emergency exit during an emergency situation like a fire hazard. All these features makes the ZKTeco access door system, perfect for ensuring the security.

ZKTeco access control systems
ZKTeco access control systems


ZKTeco 4 Door Controller

ZKTeco 4 door controller is a kit to control the access at certain places like, homes, offices etc.

ZKTeco Outdoor Access Control System

ZKTeco outdoor access control system are durable and long lasting, these devices can withstand the tough weather conditions.

ZKTeco access control systems Accessories

ZKTeco accessories are the additional things that enhances the functionality of the access control systems. These accessories can be compulsory or optional for completing the systems.

ZKTeco f12 slave fingerprint reader:

ZKTeco f12 slave fingerprint reader is an outdoor access control device that uses fingerprint to allow the excess.

ZKTeco slave reader:

ZKTeco slave reader detects the fingerprints and allow the access, it can be installed at outdoor because it is capable of withstanding the tough weather conditions.

Inbio controller:

Inbio controller is a part of in bio series, it has the latest functions and uses the LAN or WAN network for granting the access.

ZKTeco usb card reader:

ZKTeco usb card reader series allows the users for using the cards and get the access.

ZKTeco access card:

ZKTeco access card are the special cards, which are shown to the access control devices for getting the access.

ZKTeco access control systems are modern and and have latest features for providing the security to the users. They can recognise the fingerprints, faces, RFID cards etc. The devices are also strong and study, for bearing the tough weather conditions so they can be installed outdoor.

 ZKTeco Access Control System Price:

ZKTeco access control price depends upon the choice of series and the number of accessories with the system. However, Mar Tech is the best shop near me for purchasing a ZKTeco Access control system reasonable price in Dubai. You can contact us online as well as visit our stores.

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