Walk Through Gate in Dubai

Metal Walk Through Gate/ Security Walk Through Gate

Walk through Gates are devices that detect metals. The pedestrians walk through these gates, and if they have any metal with them, they walk through gates and make a beep for alerting the people in the surroundings.

The walk through Gates/ security work through Gates, are installed for security purposes. They are installed at places, where a lot of people visit and their checking is necessary. The walk through gate is divided into different zones, due to which they can detect the metals hidden in the different body parts of human beings.

Walk Through Gate advantages

The walk through Gate advantages include:
i- They prohibit people, to carry any metal with them in restricted areas.
ii- if any metal is detected, the walks to get provide an audio and visual signal to alert the security guards for the checking.
iii- They ensure the safety of places.
iv- They eliminate the dangers of damage from guns, knives, and such harmful metals. equipment.
v- Security Walk Through Gate helps the security guards in their duties.

Places for the installation of Walk Through Gates

Walk through Gates are suitable for the places where there is heavy human traffic, such as:
i- Schools.
ii- Offices.
iii- Hotels.
iv- Factories.
v- Banks.
vi- Public and Private buildings.

There are different levels or zones in the walk through gates. Their sensitivity is also adjustable according to the needs.

Walk through Gate types

The walk through gate types are:
i- Flap barrier.
ii- Turnmex full height turnstile.
iii- Turnmax waist height turnstile.
iv- Bollards.
v- Boom barriers.

You can choose the one according to the requirement of your place

Security Walk Through Gate
Security Walk Through Gate

Walk Through Gate prices in UAE

Walk through Gate prices in UAE are different due to the different types and brands of walk through gates. However, Mar Tech is the best shop near me for purchasing the walk through Gates at the most reasonable prices in UAE. We can also provide the services of walk through gates installation. So, contact us.

What is the feature of the walk through Gate?

The main feature of the walk through Gate is, to detect the metal. They can easily detect guns, knives, and other hidden harmful weapons and ensures security.

How does the walk-through Gate works?

The sensors of the walk-through gates, create a magnetic or electric field around the person who is walking through the gate, if the person has a metal, the electric field will be disturbed and the walk-through Gates will produce the audio or visual signal.

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