Telephone Integration in 2022

Telephone Integration

MARTECH CCTV & IT SERVICES offer professional Telephone Integration service with popular CRM applications. Managing calls & CRM at the same time can be a challenge for every business. Features like Call Popup and Click to Dial will boost your daily phone tasks and ensure every thing is properly tracked in your CRM. With caller recognition [ Call Pop Up], the users will immediately know who is calling. It will allow the user to track the existing deals or current process going on between the caller and your organisation.

MARTECH CCTV & IT SERVICES offer professional Telephone Integration service with popular CRM applications. contact us

In case the caller is not on your CRM database, then the call up allow you to crate a new contact or lead under that call. There are several tasks can linked to incoming call pop up on computer. Like create a ticket , create lad, create contact and even assigned ticket to your existing customers. Crm Phone Integration can dramatically increase the productivity of a business sales team. Crm Telephone integration is not limited to  sales team. Hospitals , Hotels , Restaurants, Debt collection Teams and Online stores can take benefit of this by better serve the customer.

Telephone Integration
Telephone Integration


The communication between a company and its customers can be well organized with the involvement of different methods. The latest tool being most of the companies used are the CRM software. Customer Relationship Management. It is the software that is packed with so many features that an organization is needed to run the business.more


Are you aware that you are able to integrate Salesforce CRM together with your telephone system?  Many call centers are doing just that these days to lessen their average handle times and improve client satisfaction.  This is possible through the magic of computer-telephony integration often called “CTI.”


It does not happen always that business should be face to face meetings as some would like. It can be via email communications, telephone calls or through other means. Conference calls and the email communication has become an indispensable part in today business and it makes it challenging to get to know the customers and partners.

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