Unified storage refers to a single logical system that is capable of presenting both dedicated LUNs (SAN) as well as folders within a file system (NAS). It is an architecture unified not only across protocols and disks, but also in storage efficiency, processes, data management, and data protection. This level of unification is crucial if […]



Every business organization has its own data, applications, services and information requirements that need to be managed. The organization can choose to get them managed inside or outside the network. MARTECH CCTV & IT SERVICES has designed different types of hardware independent solutions that can meet customers’ business requirements. They can have their services hosted […]


For success in your chosen field of business, it is important to have the right technology in your workplace. Technology plays a large role in determining the fates of businesses, contributing significantly towards growth and success. Having the right mix of technology in your office can have numerous tangible and intangible benefits including boosting productivity […]


CCTV camera Installation Sharjah Police Certificate: Sometimes, customers ask us about Police Certificate their CCTV installation. Often it is after we have installed a CCTV system at their site. While we have Sharjah Police approval for sales and installation of CCTV systems, we do not have their authorization to certify. MARTECH CCTV Camera Installation is […]