Samsung IP Cameras

samsung-cctv-camera-installationIt is important for the business to think of the seriousness of improved security measures. Ensuring proper protection has always been a need, but the security strategies in place has never been producing proper results. So it is time to look for advanced security surveillance measures. CCTV security has gained much importance among entrepreneurs and home owners due to the level of surveillance it provides. More than ever, the installation of CCTV security bring many benefits in terms of employee productivity as well.Samsung has proved its worth in the CCTV systems too. Utilizing the technology, company produce high quality cameras and accessories as well. Samsung cameras are known to be suitable for various surveillance applications for both the indoor and outdoor surveillance. CCTV Dubai is widely acclaimed as the Samsung CCTV distributor in Dubai. As the leading CCTV security solutions provider we are able to provide solutions to any kind of complex security environments. Luckily! Full range of Samsung cameras are available with us. Type of cameras include analog and IP versions.Samsung-vary-focal-cctv camera

Samsung company is also manufacturing all kind of CCTV cameras like counter CCTV camera, bullet CCTV cameras, dome CCTV cameras, Hidden CCTV cameras and Spy CCTV cameras. In Samsung counter CCTV cameras includes high resolution lenses with different dimensions. All kind of counter CCTV cameras have vary-focal functionality. The result of Samsung counter CCTV cameras is guaranteed. The Function of vary-focal is important to clarify the image quality. These type of Samsung CCTV cameras cover all the diminutions around the counter table.

samsung-bullet-cctv-cameraFor outdoor CCTV security, Samsung has introduced a new type of CCTV camera which is called Samsung Bullet CCTV camera. These type CCTV camera has many functionalities. They can fixed on walls and cover 180 degree angle. Samsung bullet CCTV cameras usually used for street security cover and in also in mall and offices. In bullet CCTV camera there is many options for resolution and focus. The rang of bullet CCTV camera started form 2.0 MP to 6.0 MP. For Street views Samsung bullet CCTV cameras are the best option for street security. samsung-dome-cctv-camera

For roof fitting Camera is Samsung Dome CCTV camera. Samsung dome CCTV camera is usually used for inner security. Samsung dome CCTV camera can easily fixed on room and its has 360 degree diminutions. Samsung dome CCTV cameras also have different categories. Samsung dome CCTV camera are looking wise beautiful and attractive. The shape of Samsung dome CCTV cameras are proper design under the roles of diminutions that why Samsung dome CCTV cameras are too popular in CCTV market. The range of  Samsung dome CCTV camera is starting form 2.0 to 6.0 MP.


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