Public address System installation in Dubai

PA System in Dubai

PA system/ public address system in Dubai

A public address system or PA system is a system which operator electronic mode. Microphone, amplifier, loudspeaker, and some other related devices are the components of a PA system. PA system is designed for increasing the intensity of human being’s voice, music, or other audible sounds from different means. They also amplifier recorded sounds and the sounds from musical instruments. The system that who is to target huge audiences in larger premises.

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PA system Used 

i- The stadiums where different sports are held.
ii- Mosques and other religious Holy places.
iii- In the public transportation.
iv- Airports, Railway stations etc.
v- Musical concerts and events.

The PA system is capable of functioning with one or more microphones or any other source like USB. The mixing panel is capable of modifying and amplifying the sources. More than one amplifier and loudspeakers can be connected with the PA system, for distributing the louder sounds at larger areas.

pa system installation
pa system installation

Advantages of PA system

There are several advantages of PA system:

i- With the help of PA system, the messages can be broadcasted in the waiting rooms as a connection between the staff and visitors.
ii- The recorded messages can be broadcasted over and over again by connecting the PA system with department into com of several premises.
iii- The music is also displayed to fill the gaps between the announcements to avoid boredom.
iv- The PA system provides the sound masking facility which allows to keep the conversation confidential in several meetings. 

An audio feedback is installed in the PA systems, it happens as a result of picking of sound by loudspeaker from the microphone. Then the sound is amplified and transmitted through the speakers. Sometimes as screech sound can be heard after initiating the microphone, it happens when the volume is turned to high. To avoids such sounds turn the volumes low.

Aims and objectives

i- The main aim of public address system is making public announcements in hospitals or other buildings. Both the general or specific announcements can be convey to the public for their safety and awareness.
ii- Anything lost can be easily found with the help of PA system.
iii- There is a difference in sound system and public address system, PA system has multiple purposes.

Types of PA system

There are different types of Public Address systems:

i- Small Public Address systems:

The small public address systems use battery for their functioning. They use a single microphone, a loudspeaker and an amplifier. They are used to cover small areas like meeting and conference rooms. They can be extended by adding more loudspeakers and amplifiers.

ii- Large distributed Public Address systems:

The large distributed Public Address systems are able to cover huge buildings. They contain a lot of loudspeakers and amplifiers to cover the larger areas like hotels.
They use high voltages.

iii- Telephone paging in PA system:

In telephone paging in PA system, the public address system is connected with the telephone. When someone speaks on the telephone, the network of speakers will broadcast the message.

iv- IP based PA system:

The IP based PA system are the advanced type of public address system. This system uses the existing IP devices in the buildings instead of amplifiers. The devices in the network of IP based PA system are used to transmit the sound in one or multiple buildings.
v- Wireless Mobile Telephony (WMT) public address system:
Wireless Mobile Telephony (WMT) public address system uses already present wireless mobile telephony system in place of centralized amplifiers.more

Public address System
Public address System

PA system installation in Dubai

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