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The major problem facing from customers is wireless solution and IP PBX SYSTEM. Dect phones are cordless phones and widely used in wireless phone system. Dect Telephone System systems are essential for many business as it give work space mobility. It is a type of phone set that allows you to roam in the house or in the office while you talk. Dect phones system consist of a base station and one or multiple dect phones connected to base without any cable. Advance dect phone systems may enhance with additional base station and repeaters  in order increase the coverage as well as handling user capacity. Dect phones are important part of those business , looking for work force mobility in work place.Examples for such customers are large campus, hotels, hospitals ,ware houses and even some big offices.ip PBX SYSTEM


DECT stands for Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology. There is two types of dect phones.Analog Dect phone and IP Dect telephone. In  Analog Dect phones, the base station  connected directly to service provider Analog PSTN lines.IP Dect phones are typically work with as a part of large phone system or  IP PBX System. PBX INSTALLATIONIP Dect Phones having more advance features compared to its analog colleague.

The key reason that you require to use a DECT phone would be to let out from being pinned around the office table or phone table. Also, you receive different points both at home and at the office where one can make calls. A phone call could be transferred from handset or base to another. One other good need to use DECT phones is intercom, which allows internal communication both at home and at work.

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