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PABX System

The PABX stands for “private automatic branch exchange” system. These systems are also known as PBX system that stands for “private branch exchange” system.
The systems facilitates the business for calling by providing the telephonic connection within the enterprise.

The employees can contact each other just by dialling one or two digit extensions. An operator is also required for handling the PABX system, the operator receive the incoming calls from outside and transfer it to the respective department or person.

In this way, the PBX system facilitates both, the employees within the business, and the persons who call to ask queries related to the business. Different communication channels are used by PBX system like, a voice over internet protocol (VoIP) and Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN).

There are several features that make it dominant over the ordinary cell phone services and the telephone services installed at homes.

Conference call, extension dialing, informing the customers that they have to wait to talk the representative, music while the call are on hold and informing that the particular time is off for the business.

PABX system installation
PABX system installation

How does a PBX system works

A switchboard is used for monitoring the PBX system, all the connections between the systems for a phone call are processed over here. In this way, multiple lines are length to a public switched telephone network or VoIP for making and receiving the calls.
This is how a PBX system facilities both, the employees working within the Enterprise and the outsiders.

Types of the PABX system

There are different types of PBX system:

i- Hosted:
A cloud is used to deploy all the phone calls of a business, in hosted PBX system. It is really very easy to set up a posted PBX system. You just need to do two things, first to sign up for the services and second to purchase the original telephone sets. Just a few minutes are required for the whole setup.
It allows the turning on and off of several features instantly, furthermore, the account manager can fully control the phone calls of the business.

ii- On-premises PBX system:
The on-premises PBX system is really suitable for the small enterprises. Their installation is cost affective. This area from paying the monthly charges. Even their maintenance charges will not be a significant addition in the expenses.

However, the on-premises PBX system may need maintenance after regular intervals of time, that requires to hire expert IT professionals.

iii- PBX SIP trunking:
The PBX SIP trunking systems allows the already existing PBX system for converting them into a cloud based PBX system. It lower the cost and expands the features. The softphone apps and reporting analytics are the tools used by the PBX SIP trunking.

PABX system
PABX system

Features of the Hosted PBX system

There are several features of PBX system which make them highly advantageous. Those features are mentioned below:

i- Voicemail to email:
This feature provides the transcript or audio file of messages left by the people, for responding later.

ii- Auto-attendant:
The system is equipped with the facility of auto attendant which guides the people to dial different digits for availing their respective services. For example, ‘press 0 to call with a representative’.

iii- On hold music:
Sometimes the call has to put on a long hold which may make the customers bore. To save them from boredom, the pbx systems has a feature of on hold music. The set music is played while the call is on hold.

iv- Paging:
The paging feature enables an employee to send their message to many employees simultaneously through the phone. By availing the facility of paging, an employ can transmit their message first Pacific group of employees for the whole team.

v- Presence:
The presence feature helps in checking that either the co-worker is available or is busy on another call.

vi- Call reports:
The call reports facility provides the data of all the business calls which can be used for various purposes.

vii- Online management:
The whole system can be Integrated online. It allows convenience to the users. The users can login to an online portal for getting their voicemails, access the company’s directory, make the call forwarding routes. The administrators can at new people, create group calls, get call reports and monthly history.

viii- Call forwarding:
If you do not answer a call, the call will be forwarded to another extension with the help of call forwarding feature.

ix- Call recording:
With the help of call recording feature users can record to call to listen later.

x- Extension dialing:
Users can dial an extension and reach to their employee conveniently.

xi- Ring groups:
The ring groups feature enables to place certain employees of the same duties in a group, which helps the customers to reach their respective services area. For example, by pressing a digit the call of a customer will be directed to the person who will take their order.

xii- Call transfer:
The call transfer helps to the employees to transfer the call to another employee

Analog PBX

The analog PBX systems are also known as the “landline systems’. They are linked to a public switched telephone Network (PSTN). The copper Wiring is used in the system for voice calls and fax calls. The analog systems can be connected with the digital channels by using adopter.

Digital PBX

The digital PBX systems are most extensively used PBX systems in business enterprises. They send voice and videos through internet.
The simple IP PBX or on-premises PBX for making them advanced digital PBX system. The systems are connected to the computers, the setup is easy. The call quality depends upon the internet strength.

Cloud PBX

The cloud pbx is also referred a hosted or virtual PBX. It contains all the previous features, applications, and services, but it uses a cloud storage for maintaining the software instead of a server.

Benefits of the hosted PBX system includes

i- The services and features of pbx systems and the telephone all are available in the same billing.
ii- Geographic flexibility enables the pbx system to withstand the worst effects of a disaster like hurricane. It also connects the people worldwide.
iii-Budget friendly:The systems are bugdet friendly than the other PBX systems because they do not need several equipment.more

PABX System installation

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What is a PABX system?
A PABX system is a telephonic system which is used to interconnect the employees in a business.
What is the difference between PBX and PABX system?
PBX and PABX system have the same function the only difference lies is that the PABX system operates automatically.


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