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Metal Detectors

Metal detectors are able to locate the materials specially made up of metals which may be buried under the soil, or in dirt, sand, grass or even in water. There is an electric search coil in the metal detectors, which creates a magnetic field. This magnetic field can reach down to a death of 10 inches.
Metal comes in the magnetic field emitted by the metal detector, the electromagnetic rays from the object will interfere with the magnetic field of the metal detector. In this way, the metal will be detected and a video or audio signal will be transmitted by the metal detector, which will serve as an indicator.

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Uses of Metal Detectors:

There are several uses of metal -detectors. Some of them are mentioned below:
i- They can be used for hunting the precious metals like gold or iron.
ii- Some people are fond of finding the hidden metals, metal- detectors are there best companions in their pastime.
iii- The children like to find metals with the help of metal- detectors. It will build their searching abilities.
iv- These are really useful for the professionals in searching several metals.more

Metal Detectors
Metal Detectors in Dubai

Types of Metal Detectors:

As we have seen that there are several uses of metal- detectors, according to which a person has to choose a desired metal- detector.

They are classified into different types according to the uses, features, and specifications. They are also classified on the basis of the metals they can detect. Let’s have a look on the different types of metal detector.

i- Very low frequency detectors (VLF):
Very low frequency detectors are the basic detectors. They are available in cheap prices. There are two coils in the VLF, the function of one coil is to produce magnetic field and the second coil is able to sense the interference created by the object, in the magnetic field of metal- detectors.
The other qualities of very low frequency detectors include that they are very lightweight, so easy to carry. It can detect the coins, jewellery, relics, or other metals. They are also waterproof and able to resist the water. All these features make them perfect for the usage of beginners and children.

ii- Pulse Induction (PI) Detectors:
The pulse induction detectors posses only one coil. The single coil performs both the functions of producing magnetic field and sensing the electromagnetic disturbance. PI detectors are more accurate in searching metals from beaches because they are not much effected by the mineralization of the soil.

If you have waterproof pulse induction, you can use them and rivers and waters for searching metals.The pulse induction detectors are not suitable for using in trash because they cannot make a distinguish between the iron trash and gold etc. They are also expensive. So it is not a good choice for the beginners.

iii- Specialty Detectors:
Both the very low frequency detectors, and the pulse induction detectors can be speciality detectors, they are named so, depending upon the specialized task they can perform.

A-Multifrequency metal detectors:
Multifequency metal- detectors have vast applications, they can be used in cities, beaches, sand and even in water. They can meet the needs of both the beginners and the experts. But they are a bit expensive.
b- Gold metal detectors:
They are specially used to detect the gold. They are programmed with very high frequency than the other detectors. They can also be very low frequency detectors or impulse induction detectors. Although they have a very high frequency, still they can detect they can detect the other metals that come in contact with them why finding the gold.
c- Waterproof metal detectors:
The waterproof metal- detectors are used for searching metals in river, beaches, and other water bodies. They have certain versions which are submersible to different levels of water.

Metal Detector Specifications

What to consider while choosing a metal detector ?

You should be familiar with the qualities of a metal detector you want to have, for searching the treasures and metal. Look for the:

i- Target type:While choosing metal detector, keep in mind the place where you want to use it, and the metal you want to target. If you are going to hunting in the water bodies rivers and beaches choose a waterproof metal detector which is completely submersible.

If you want to hunt something in the desert you should go for a gold specific metal- detector. If you want to find some historical relics, shop for a VLC detector. But some people who are fond of finding relics prefer PI detectors.

ii- Discrimination:The measure to which a metal- detector can differentiate between the metals is called discrimination. If the discrimination of a metal detector is good it will be able to differentiate even between a coin and a cap of bottle.
This property of the metal detector helps to find out the accurate desired things by ignoring the rest. They make the sound only when they come in contact with the metal, about which instructions are given.

iii- Ground balance:The soils contains a lot of metal traces along with the metals. These traces can make an interference with the magnetic field of the metal- detector and beep again and again for finding the things. This may waste the time of treasure hunters.

The metal- detectors with the ability of ground balance are able to ignore such disturbances.

  1.  Automatic ground balance:
    The person using the metal detector has to do nothing manually, the detector will adjust ground balance automatically.
  2.  Preset ground balance:
    The ground balance is preset by the manufacturers, I’m the person using it and not change it.
  3.  Manual ground balance:
    The users have to set the ground balance manually, if they are using the metal- detector with manual will ground balance. It may be tough for the new users.
  4. Multiple ground balance:
    The multiple ground balance allows the users with both settings the manual regular balance and automatic ground balance.

iv- Target identification:Target identification is one step advanced feature in the discrimination. If a detector has the property of target identification, it will make an audio or visual only when it will find a desired object.

Usually they make a high pitched sound for precious things and a low pitched sound for cheaper things. If they produce a visual image, they will present an image which will be nearly related to the object found.

v- Operating Frequency:The number of transmitting and receiving a signal and one second by a metal- detector is called it’s operating frequency.
The low frequency method detectors can search in more depth than the metal- detectors with high frequency.

vi- Sensitivity:The sensitivity of the mental- detectors refer to the ability with which it can detect the conductor metals from a certain distance. The sensitivity can be adjusted from high to low according to the needs.

In some areas, you might need high sensitivity level, and in other areas you might need low sensitivity level.If the sensitivity is set too high the metal- detector may not be able to produce clear sounds.

vii- Search depth:The depth to which a metal- detector can reach to find out objects is called the search depth.The low frequency meta skin detectors can reach deeper than the high frequency metal detectors.The search depth also depend upon the type of ground, the interference it receives, and the target object.

viii- Weight:Do not overlook the weight of metal detector while purchasing it. You have to carry the metal detector for long periods of time so choose wisely.

Metal Detectors Price in Dubai:

The metal detector prices in Dubai have a wide range, since they are available in different types and from different brands.

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