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Internet protocol camera simply known as IP cameras. Another name for them is network cameras. They sent and receive visual surveillance over internet or local area network (LAN).
As it is clear from their name, IP camera connected with a network via internet or the power over Ethernet (PoE) wire.
They are commonly laborated with network video recorders (NVRs) and sometimes they are celebrated with digital video recorders (DVRs). In this way, they provide an ultimate video surveillance for the protection of your business.

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Types Of IP Cameras

The IP cameras are divided into different types:


Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) are movable. They can rotate and change their field of view. An operator remotely handles their movement. The users can have a keen observations about the events taking place. They are able to cover larger premises and therefore, mostly used in the public outdoor areas.


The fixed IP cameras cannot move from there fixed places. They can be installed anywhere indoor like shops, offices, and homes etc and outdoor as well.
Since the fixed at their position, they provide a limited field of view. They require a lesser frequency range then the PTZ cameras. They provide a continuous visual surveillance for the places where they are fixed.

iii- PoE or PoE+ IP CAMERAS:

An Ethernet cable normally ranging from Cat 5 or 6, is used by the PoE IP cameras, for providing the electrical power and data both at a time. In this way, there is no need of providing double wiring for both things individually. That are just a few parts in PoE IP cameras to deal with, therefore, they are easy to install. Another plus point is, the expense for their maintenance is lower than the traditional IP cameras.
There are two versions PoE and PoE+, the difference in both is that they supply different amount of electrical power to their system. 15 Watts of electricity can be transmitted by the PoE system, and 30 Watts are transmitted by the PoE+ system. PoE is mostly connected with the normal IP cameras and PoE+ are used for the cameras with high- power, they also have a mechanism which can heat and cool them up.

iv- Wireless IP cameras:

Wireless IP cameras require no wires for their functioning, rather they are connected with the Wi-Fi to provide video surveillance. Then the video goes in the cloud storage or there is a built-in storage of cameras, the video may also get stored there.
Wireless IP cameras are useful for installing for low coverage areas like homes, but they are less recommended for covering the larger areas because they can receive interference.

ip cameras features
ip cameras features

IP Camera Features :

i- Cloud and built-in storage:
Must consider for the huge space of storage in the IP cameras. The law makes it compulsory for many companies and other businesses to retain security footage, for a particular time period. The cloud storage, a Solid-state drive (SSD), or a Hard-Disk Drive (HDD) are the three systems for transmitting the videos. In advanced IP cameras, the video is transmitted on SSD or HDD and backed up on the cloud storage. These are called hybrid cloud systems for security, which are more safer and reliable than the security systems that only use one storage.
ii- PoE capabilities:
The IP cameras which are capable of operating over a PoE connection are more durable and reliable. The wildlife epic cameras can receive interference and provide a low quality video but PoE IP cameras do not face such problems and cover larger areas for surveillance.
iii- Video Data Encryption:
The data encryption and network security ensures that an IP camera is secured. The data is concealed with the help of encryption process. Then only the respective persons can decode the data.
The camera also made secure from the hackers to save the companies’ information.
The encryption is further divided into two states:
a- At rest encryption:
The ‘at rest encryption’ means that the data is secured, although the people can approach the data for visualizing but they cannot extract it.
b- In transit encryption:
The ‘in transit encryption’ makes the data secure while it travels over the network.

Extra features of IP cameras:

The other features which an IP- camera should process are:
i- Instant video sharing:
IP -camera can share the videos instantly through messages, emails, or links. It save the time when a video is required for investigating for other reason.
ii- Video quality:
The IP -cameras to provide a higher video quality than the cctv cameras. It is possible because they use digital signals which are not used in the analog cameras.
iii- Edge based video analytics:
Some IP- cameras use artificial intelligence and edge based video analytics. This makes the investigation process easier.
iv- Steady state streaming:
The cameras which uses steady State streaming have frequency have less frequency range. It makes it low costly and more useful for the businesses.more

What to consider while buying an IP camera?

i- The area of surveillance.
ii- The amount of internet with different frequency ranges.
iii- The amount and space for storing footages.
iv- Data Encryption modes.
v- The place which it can cover.
vi- Wether it is installed with encrypted transmission or not.

The Uses of IP cameras:

There are unlimited uses of IP -cameras. The provide video surveillance in almost every field of life. They protect the businesses and domestic areas. IP- Cameras in maximum output from the employees. They can store the footages and can be retrieved at any phase of time for any purpose.

IP Cameras are Commonly used

There are several areas where IP -cameras can be used. Those are mentioned below:
1- General stores.
2- Offices.
3- Government organizations.
4- Industries.
5- Banks.
6- Army areas.
7- Traffic Intersections.
The IP cameras serves equally best in all the areas.

Uses of IP camera
Uses of IP camera

Installation of IP cameras:

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IP cameras Price In Dubai :

As we have seen that there are different types of IP -cameras and the all process different features and specifications. So the IP cameras prices in Dubai differs due to these differences in features and brands. Mar tech Dubai guides you with the best prices according to your budget and needs. We provide the IP -cameras in Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman in most reasonable prices. We also provide the services of IP -cameras installation and maintenance. You can contact us and avail these facilities.

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