Hotel Phone System

With high-quality hotel telephone system brands best suited for the hotel industry, we are offering affordable  Hotel Telephone Installation in Dubai products and their installation and services for any size property.

Telephone System Integration with PMS  system to make sure that staff can perform most functions from within the Hotel Management Software. Some of the modern PMS systems that our products work with are Protel, room Master, and Micros-Fidelio.

Hotel Telephone Installation in Dubai
Hotel Telephone Installation in Dubai

Hospitality telephone systems may cover a variety of sites, including restaurants, gyms, spas or swimming pools. With VoIP Hospitality telephone System hotels can manage all their sites centrally, simplifying administration and eliminating duplication of infrastructure. When it comes to large hotel groups with sites in numerous locations throughout the country or world and external contact centers to deal with group reservations and customer inquiries could also manage communications centrally using VoIP Telephone System for Hospitality. 

IP Phones Systems also provides great flexibility over a traditional fixed line system.

When upgrading or additional telephones required, Increasing hotel telephone capacity using a legacy system meant to delay and downtime.IP Hotel Phone Systems can reduce this painful process very simple.

IP hotel phone system supply the functionality to build up a variety of services for guests that improve convenience while increasing customer happiness. Hotels can offer voicemail in rooms to ensure that guests can retrieve messages from hotel staff, other guests or external callers.more

Hotel Telephone Installation in Dubai

We are offering hotel telephone system integrate seamlessly with Property Management Systems. We understand that all the features that a hotel needs and designed solutions budget friendly with great support.

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