Home Phone System in Dubai

MARTECH CCTV & IT SERVICES Sharjah is specialized in home telephone systems and home telephone system installation from quite some time.When you are thinking a telephone system for home, there are several points to consider.Mainly it should not disturb the look and feel of the home. In case you are upgrading your existing phone system or installing a new one you have to think about the new cables required for this purpose. It’s always a night mare for a homeowner to lay cables after he ultimately finishes his dream home. Dect Phones are the best choice for this kind of situation. Dect wireless phones eliminate the need of new cable laying as well as mobility anywhere in your villa. You can’t completely ignore the wired desk phones as it gives several advantages over desk phone.There is the broad range of home office IP phones available to choose. It allows you to mix and match the phones regarding, the features you required and matching with the look and feel of the home.

The featured necessary for a home telephone system in sharjah entirely different than an office phone system. In an office, you may consider adding an IVR to minimize the load on the receptionist as well as giving a professional touch to your business.But in the home, the incoming calls are processed in much more personal approach. You may don’t like the idea when your cousin calling your home phone number has to talk with a computer generated voice and process include may be several button presses. To avoid this kind of situation and avoid missing the calls, you can use several other features of a modern telephone system.

  • You can have DECT Wireless Phones – Give you mobility, and you can carry the phone while roaming around
  • Voice Mail – In case you are not able to receive a call or you are away from a phone the caller can leave a voice message. The Voice message can be retrieved later when you are free, or the voice mail can send to your mail.
  • Ring Group & Call Hunting – The incoming call can ring on several phones together or one after another. In the second option, the phone will ring on the first location for a pre-configured time and ring on the second phone like that
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