Best Gate Barrier System in UAE

Gate Barrier System

The barrier gate system installed at the parkings it was the security of the vehicles. These systems allow the exit of vehicles only with permission. In this way, all the way he can say na specific premises stay safe.
The automatic parking gate barriers take the security of the vehicles parked in a premise, to the advanced level.
Automatic battery systems are also equipped with a backup back battery to welcome the low voltage. They are perfect to stop the entry of an authorised vehicle in an area.more

Automatic barrier gate with RFID Card dispenser system for car parking.

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Types of barrier gate system

Barrier gate system are further divided into different types for getting maximum advantage and certain areas. Those types are mentioned below:

i- Swing turnstile:

The swing turnstile gate is highly advantages and times of providing passage width. It can provide width between 600 mm to 1200 mm. The width expansion is really helpful for physically challenged people and the persons with heavy luggage.
There can be single or double swing gate, which are more suitable for car parkings.

ii- Slide barrier gate:

The automated slide barrier gates I also very beneficial for installing at residencies, and commercial areas. They use two methods for the opening and closing, they either use sensor or remote. By installing these sliding barrier gates you can enjoy the safety of your vehicles.
There are two subclassification of sliding barrier gate, one is cantilever sliding gate which is installed in such a way that no part of the gate comes in contact directly with the ground. On the other hand the track sliding barrier gates, slides over the narrow track built on the ground.

iii- Bi-folding barrier gate:

The Bi-folding barrier gates looks really stylish along with providing the security to the vehicles. When they open, they can condense themselves into a single sized door, and regain their shape on closing.

iv- Motorized shutters:

Motorized shutters are another choice for getting the facility of barrier gates systems at your premises. You do not have to control them manually so there is no risk of hurting fingers.

They are automatically operateing shutters to ensure the security of the vehicles. The motorized shutters can either open and shut with the remote and the biometric motorized shutters allows biometric access.more 

Barrier gate systems usage

The Barrier gate system is also known as the Parking barrier system. The main use of the barrier gate system is to allow the entry and exit of only the authorised vehicles. They worth installing at car parkings, checkpoints and main entrance of several areas. They help to restrict a specific area.

Advantages of barrier gate system:

The advantages of barrier gate system includes:
1- Easy access to the authorised vehicles, without any inconveniences.
2- There is no chance of theft.
3- No vehicle can left without paying the tool tax.
4- No time wastage in manual operation of the barrier gate system.
5- They are available in different styles you can choose according to your premises’ requirements.

Gate barrier specifications:

The gate barrier specifications vary according to the types and brands. They can either be manually controlled or automated gate barriers.

Gate Barrier System
Gate Barrier System

The gate barrier system prices in Dubai:

The gate barrier system prices in UAE vary according to the manufacturing companies and the types. They are available with certain features and specifications due to which the prices vary. At Mar Tech Dubai, you can get the best gate barrier systems at reasonable prices in Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman. according to your premises’ requirements.

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