DSPPA PA System in Dubai



DSPPA PA system specially designed to bring is and comfort to the life of people. The systems have facilitated many areas of life.


The specifications of the DSPPA public address system are as follows:
i- The system operates on IP-based technology.
ii- It produces a high-quality sound.
iii- it is capable of transmitting sounds over larger areas.
iv- The DSPPA PA system does not have to face the lack of interaction.
v- It can be installed at different places like schools hospitals shopping malls, offices, etc.

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Uses of the DSPPA PA System

The uses of the DSPPA public address system are:

i- Hitting the greater audience for broadcasting the audios and videos.

ii- Informing the public about the hazards like fire, or an elevator malfunctioning.

iii- DSPPA public address system is also used to deliver general information.

iv- The systems are also used for giving instructions to cope with any emergency.
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Advantages of the DSPPA PA System

The advantages of the DSPPA public address system are:
i- A multi-story building can be divided into different zones. You can cover every part of the building using the DSPPA public address system.

ii- With the help of the DSPPA public address system, different announcements can be made in the different zones of the building, at a time.

For example, you can call a group of people for a meeting at one story, and alert them about the AC malfunctioning at the other store of an office.

Components of the DSPPA PA System

Components of the DSPPA public address system include:
i- PC control software:
The whole public address system is controlled by the PC control software.
ii- IP intercom terminals:
The IP intercom terminals, have coverage of about 10 to 100 meters, to make announcements. It is equipped with a built-in fidelity feature. It has a high ranged processing circuit.

The sound processing circuit performs the best. The intercom systems are capable of making real-time announcements and they can also broadcast recordings. They can be connected with fire alarm systems.
The 17 inches LED display, transmits amazing videos. You can operate an SD card in it as well.

DSPPA  Amplifier

The power of the DSPPA Amplifier is high, at about 2000W. It has a rack-mounted design. It operates at a rated power of 2000 watts. The DSPPA Amplifier is capable of being connected with commercial and industrial public address systems.The DSPPA Amplifier comprises different channels.

These channels are for supporting the balanced and unbalanced inputs. The balanced output is used to supply power for the other powered amplifier. The channels perform another important task of covering greater distances and producing clarity in the voices while announcements.

The 70V, 100V, and 4 ohms go best with the DSPPA Amplifier. The master volume control is present on the amplifier to control the volume. The DSPPA Amplifier has a self-sufficient protection system for the clip, short circuit, high temperature, and overload.

It is also capable of indicating power, signal, clip, protection, and temperature.
The DSPPA Amplifier is equipped with an LCD, which indicates the status with great clarity.

An additional mixer is connected with an XLR socket and a 6.33 mm jack. There is a protection and alarm, that indicates the output short circuit.

Remote control is provided for the DSPPA Amplifier. The system can provide alerts about short circuits, overload, and overheating. In this way, hazards can be avoided.

DSPPA wall-mounted Speaker

DSP wall-mounted speaker installation is easy and quick. They provide the best high-quality sound and marvelous audio. The wall-mounted series of DSPPA speakers has many unique features like amazing sound effects and high reliability.

The durable stainless material. The width of a high-pitched unit of DSPPA wall-mounted speaker is 1inch and the width of low-pitched drivers is 4, 5, 6.5, and 8 inches.

They are available in many series and stylish looks. Each latest series is innovative, improved, and more advanced than the earlier one. The choice of the model depends upon your choice and space availability.DSPPA wall-mounted speakers occupy less space and can keep in smaller spaces.

Be careful in choosing the angle and place for DSPPA Amplifier installation to get maximum and spread sounds.Mounting on the walls ensure the safety of the DSPPA wall-mounted speaker because of no hits and damages.

DSPPA Ceiling mounted Speaker

DSPPA is also loaded with a series of ceiling-mounted speakers. There are different available models such as surface mount ceiling speakers, flush mount ceiling speakers, low impedance ceiling speakers, and active ceiling speakers.

All the series differ in features from each other, such as the fire dome being present in one series but not in the other. The size of fire dome units also varies from 3, 4.5, 5, 6.5 to 8 inches. The width of a high-pitched unit of some DSPPA Ceiling mounted speakers is 1inch.

DSPPA Ceiling mounted speakers are available in different designs and stylish and attractive looks. They are mounted on the ceiling to complete the DSPPA public address system.

DSPPA PA System Price  in Dubai

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