Desktop Support

The impacts computer technology has made on us is in numerous. It has brought immense changes in almost all domains. Now every businesses use computers to fulfill the daily tasks. It made the work easy for the humans compared to the conventional system i.e. from making contact with the clients to input and generate the reports. Varieties of different types of computers are being used in accordance with the usage and one such type is the Desktop computer.

As the desktop computers are being employed in most of the organizations, it makes the work and life easier. It facilitates most of the modern means of communication in a refined way and also allows the data to be stored locally or centrally in the storage disks and all.

In environments where it depends heavily on systems for the work, certain imperative functions like the virus scans, cleaning disks, software upgrade and other activities are essential for the smooth functioning. Avoiding these may put the systems in peril thus affecting the workflow and productivity. Here comes the importance of the Desktop Support.

  • Install and upgrade, support and troubleshoot the Operating systems
  • Monitoring, operating and managing Client PC’s
  • Develop trends by constant monitoring and analyzing the support requests.
  • Deal with the software and hardware related queries
  • Remote desktop support
  • Virus detection, removal and protection
  • Data recovery and backup
  • Software installation
  • Software updates
  • New PC and MAC setup
  • Software verification
  • Issues with the Laptop
  • Installation of drivers
  • Planning and organizing
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