Bosch PA System in Dubai

BOSCH PA System in Dubai

Mar Tech , is determined to provide comfort in the lives of people and provide safety to the environment. So, you can purchase high-quality imported BOSCH PA systems at reasonable prices in Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman.Contact Us 


BOSCH PA Specifications

i- It is completely secured because it is IP-based.
ii- BOSCH PA effectively uses the power.
iii- It gives constant performance along with maximum security.
iv- BOSCH PA system is exactly suitable for security systems because they are built according to the set standards.
v- The user’s feedback is incorporated into it.

Uses of BOSCH PA System 

The Uses of BOSCH PA include:
i- Addressing the audience at larger distances.
ii- Informing the people about various circumstances.
iii- Alerting the public about the hazards like fire etc.

bosch pa system
bosch pa system

Advantages of BOSCH PA System

You should install the public address system for getting the following advantages of BOSCH PA:
i- You can alert the public about hazards and save them from dangers.
ii- BOSCH PA system will inform the persons in a building about the specific tasks assigned to them.
iii- It is worthy to address in high-quality voice because it is IP-based.
iv- The BOSCH PA system can be effectively used for making announcements to huge audiences.
v- You can divide the building into different zones for making announcements.

Components/Parts of BOSCH PA System 

There are several parts/components of the BOSCH PA system. All these parts are assembled to perform their respective functions.

i- The System Controller:

It can be regarded as the main part of the BOSCH PA system. The system controller makes the route for the sound to the amplifiers, which is then heard by the audience.

ii- BOSCH Call Station:

BOSCH call station has the function of making announcements. You can divide a whole building into different zones by using the call station. It has a rectangular shape.
You can assign two or three floors to a single zone, and the other floors to the other zones.

If the building is too big and you cannot cover all the floors in one call station, you can overcome the problem by connecting additional call keypads to cover the whole building. In this way, the zones on the call station will be increased and more floors of a building will be covered.
The call station allows the selection of individual areas, you can do so, by pressing the button of that particular zone.

The light in front of that zone will turn on by pressing the button, which will indicate that the zone has been selected. After selecting the zone, press the ‘push to talk button, and then make the announcement.

If you want to make the same announcement in the whole building, you do not have to press the buttons for all zones, instead, there is a single button for selecting the whole building. Just press that button on the BOSCH call station, and announce the whole building.
There is a rotatable mic present on the call station for making the announcements.

BOSCH Amplifier

The function of the BOSCH amplifier is to boost up the sounds, for transmitting and broadcasting them in the larger areas.
There are two versions of BOSCH amplifiers, one comes in 4 channels and the other in 8 channels. Usually, the amplifier supplies 600 watts of power. But, you can choose the required power supply for a specific zone.

BOSCH ceiling-mounted speakers

BOSCH ceiling mounted speakers are used after the mountain on the ceiling, the ceiling is the inner part of the roof. Their design appeals to the eyes.You are familiar with the fact, that most of the feelings are white, and the BOSCH ceiling-mounted speakers are also white.

So, when these speakers are mounted on the ceiling, they get mixed and do not give a prominent look.The connector in the ceiling-mounted speakers takes the power supply from the main and then supplies it to the transformer. Normally, 100 volts of power are required for the ceiling-mounted speakers.

The transformer is capable of providing voltages of multi-input. You can select the particular voltage to get the maximum performance.To prevent the risk of power leakage, an earthing wire is provided to the connectors.

BOSCH wall-mounted speakers

BOSCH also presents BOSCH wall-mounted speakers. They are comparatively larger than the ceiling-mounted speakers.The specifications of BOSCH wall-mounted speakers make them unique in their features. The speakers are with elegant designs. They produce a magnified volume along with stylish looks.

The benefits of BOSCH wall-mounted speakers include:
i- They provide a spread sound because they are installed at a certain height.
ii- These speakers occupy less space therefore, they can be easily installed in small rooms, etc.
iii- Since these speakers are mounted on the walls, they stay safe from hits and damage.
You can choose your favorite and suitable designs of BOSCH wall-mounted speakers.

BOSCH PA system price in Dubai

BOSCH PA system prices in Dubai, are very reasonable at Mar Tech . We ensure to import high-quality BOSCH PA system from the UK and make it handy to purchase for our public. Furthermore, the technical staff in our company, with the best services of PA system installation. Contact us immediately.

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