Analog Cameras

Analog Cameras

An analogue camera is a basic camera which is basically used in CCTV cameras. They capture and send the video to the DVRs and the VCRs through the cables.
On the other hand, IP cameras use digital signals to capture and send videos over the cables. This videos can be stored for using later.

Nowadays in this modern era, the technology has taken advanced turns, so the hybrid cameras are invented which are equipped with the both functions digital and analogue.

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What is the difference between an analog camera and digital camera?

Their name suggests the difference between the analog camera and the digital camera. The analog cameras uses analogue signals for their functioning and the digital cameras used digital signals to perform their functions.

Advantages of the analog cameras:

The advantages of the analog cameras are listed below:
1- There is a significant price difference between the analog and IP cameras, analog cameras are cheaper than the IP cameras. So they are feasible when you have to install a lot of cameras at a place.
2- They are very easy to operate and there is no need to learn anything for operating them. High- Definition (HD) are also present in the market, and they posses a very high quality for images and videos.
3- The DSLRs are very durable, they work over a long period of time.
4- You can use them without having a much knowledge.
5- They are smaller in size so you can check them anywhere with you.
6- They are battery operated.

Types of analog cameras:

Depending upon the shooting style and range, the analog cameras are divided into three different types:
i- SLRs:
SLR is a classic choice, if you want to purchase an analog camera. They have their lens at front, which is interchangeable. They also have a viewfinder. It helps for looking out through the lens. It has a mirror inside which aids to look in the surroundings. Their name is a combination of all the features they poses, SLR stands for single- lens reflex.
ii- Compact cameras:
Another name for compact cameras are point-and-shoot cameras. In looks they resemble the silver and black striped soap bars. They get their increasing fame in past few years, due to their performance.
iii- Rangefinders:
Rangefinders lies somewhere between the SLRs and compact cameras. When you keep a rangefinder in front of your eye, you can focus on the object you want to capture, but you cannot see through the lens. The lens and the viewfinder are well collaborated, so the lens knows when something is in focus. The shots made by the friend finders are significantly different from the shorts made from the digital cameras.more

Analog Cameras
Analog Cameras

Uses of the analog cameras:

In the era of broadcasting analog cameras has many uses:
1- They are used to capture high quality videos and images.
2- They can transmit media.
3- they can be used without PoE.
4- A moment can be preserved with the help of the analog cameras by capturing it.

Hikvision Analog- Cameras

Samsung Analog- Cameras



Prices of the analog camera:

The prices of the analog cameras are different. The reason is that they are available in different types and models from different brands. You can take advantage from the different prices of Analog cameras and choose one according to your requirement and budget.
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