Analog CCTV Camera

An analog cctv camera is a basic camera which is basically used in CCTV cameras. They capture and send the video to the DVRs and the VCRs through the cables.
On the other hand, IP cameras use digital signals to capture and send videos over the cables. This videos can be stored for using later.

Nowadays in this modern era, the technology has taken advanced turns, so the hybrid cameras are invented which are equipped with the both functions digital and analogue.

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Types of  Analog CCTV cameras

Dome CCTV Cameras

The spherical, dome-shaped frame of dome CCTV cameras makes them simple to identify. Dome security cameras are incredibly adaptable and may be utilised both indoors and outdoors, offering unmatched coverage for almost any use case.

Bullet CCTV Camera

Small video cameras called “bullet CCTV cameras” are frequently deployed as part of video surveillance systems. Since these cameras are usually only 2 to 2.5 inches long, they are simple to conceal. Both household and industrial surveillance systems use these cameras.

C-mount CCTV Cameras

A frequent form of lens mount on 16 mm film cameras, closed-circuit video cameras, machine vision cameras, and microscope phototubes is known as a C mount CCTV Camera. The key benefit of a C-mount is that it enables the installation of cameras with the best resolution possible, which may be essential if the tape was questioned and you need to identify someone.

High definition (HD) CCTV Cameras

High resolution imagery, which is necessary for many monitoring tasks, is satisfied by high definition (HD) CCTV security cameras. ensuring that video material meets an acceptable standard so that it can be utilised as evidence and for proactive security surveillance.

Advantages of analog cctv camera

Analog cameras are inexpensive ,

DVR is easier and more simple to set up and understand. The installation is a bit more straightforward.

Because analogue recorded video files are typically smaller and are transferred to the DVR through coax rather than LAN, they use less bandwidth and put less strain on your network. Additionally, rather of doing so continuously, DVRs typically only broadcast data and use bandwidth when someone is watching the video.

You might find it simpler to find a camera model with all the characteristics you need at a lesser price because to the large range of analogue camera designs.

Analog CCTV Camera installation

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analog cctv camera
analog cctv camera


Uses of the analog cctv camera:

In the era of broadcasting analog cameras has many uses:
1- They are used to capture high quality videos and images.
2- They can transmit media.
3- they can be used without PoE.
4- A moment can be preserved with the help of the analog cameras by capturing it.

Hikvision Analog- Cameras

Samsung Analog- Cameras



Price of analog cctv camera:

The prices of the analog cameras are different. The reason is that they are available in different types and models from different brands. You can take advantage from the different prices of Analog cameras and choose one according to your requirement and budget.
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What is the difference between an analog camera and digital camera?

Their name suggests the difference between the analog camera and the digital camera. The analog cameras uses analogue signals for their functioning and the digital cameras used digital signals to perform their functions.

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