Access Control System Installation in Dubai

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Access control system in Dubai

Access control system normally comprises of the locked doors, gates and barriers which are capable to unlock by using different methods of Identity authentication. Identity authentication involves a number of methods like RFID access cards, pin codes, face recognition, fingerprints or smartphones, are used as a magans of entering in a building or other premises.

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Zkteco Access Control System

Hikvision Access Control System

Importance of an access control system:

There are innumerable benefits of an access -control- system which make it important to install in the buildings and other premises. The access control system prohibits the entry of the unauthorized persons. Because only the persons with the right authentication would be able to pass through the access- control -system.

In this way, the unwanted people will not enter in the specified areas. It would help maintaining the privacy of those specific areas and reduce the risk of theft and burglary. Ultimately the system ensures the safety and protection of the buildings and the people and hypertension them.more

Installation of the control access system:

The installation of the control access system is a technical process. There are different variations available in access control systems like RFID and password-based systems and several others, due to which the installation process may also vary a bit but mostly steps are same.

An access control system uses the different modes of recognizing and allowing the entry and exit of persons, who meet the required credentials. Those modes may be locks, turnstiles, biometric readers, face recognition readers, RFID readers, and boom barrier etc.
The things used in the installation of the access control system are:

1- A magnetic lock along with a bracket for mounting ( the lock should be fail-safe type).
2- An adapter for DC power supply or a 12V switched- mode power supply.
3- A reader for access control.
4- Exit push button.
5- Connecting wires of copper or Cat 6 whichever material is desired.

Access Control System Installation
Access Control System Installation

Circuit and Working:

The given diagram shows the circuit, how the components are connected in installation of access control system. The circuit is made around the lock enclosed in the mounting bracket, the 12V SMPS or adapter to supply the power, access control device, exit push button, RFID tags and cables, all these components are interconnected. The exact wiring is shown in the next diagram.

Relay Connections:

For a perfect installation of access control system, understanding the relay connection is important. There are three contacts in the relay namely NO (Normally Open), NC (Normally Closed), COM ( Common terminal). COM and NC are normally in connection with each other. When we activates the relay terminal, the COM break off from the NC terminal and makes a connection with NO terminal. Mostly, the components of the access- control- system like access control readers, push buttons, and locks contain an inbuilt relay system.

Access control device:

The main components of access -control -system are access control device and the magnetic lock. There are different models available for the installation of access control -system. Here we will discuss about a contactless RFID smart card reader and password verification device. It supports three modes of verification
i- RFID card only.
ii- PIN only.
iii- RFID and PIN only.

By supporting these three mechanism of operating, maximum protection is provided. This device contains an optional relay output, a push- button with low output, one door button port, and one doorbell port. The device is built in a simpler way but it provides a vast range of installing it in homes, offices and other areas.
A connection is provided with the power supply of 12V and GND and it starts working.

There are two types of magnetic locks:

i- Fail-secure device: When the power is off it will be locked
ii- Fail-safe device: When the power is on, it becomes locked and vice versa.

Door access control system:

The door access control system are suitable for installation at glass, wooden, metal and security doors. It contains an LED light, it can be installed in a simpler way, it is able to work standalone, no need to connect with the computer. The door access- control system can use different modes for unlock such as RFID card.

Biometric access control system:

Biometric access control -system uses face detection, fingerprint scanner, and voice recognition for providing security. These systems works in seconds and allows or prohibits the persons in an area. The installation of biometric access control- systems is a technical process which requires an expert person.

Advantages of biometric access control system:

There are countless advantages of biometric access- control system:
i- Accurate marking of attendance.
ii- No chance of hacking because it only recognize the familiar persons.
iii- It adds an extra layer of security.

Access control system price in Dubai:

Access control system price range is different. It is available from numerous brands and in different modes of operating, therefore the prices vary. Mar Tech Dubai deals with the world famous brands of Samsung and Hikvision.

Working of the access control system:

Access Control System
Access Control System

The access control -systems are digital devices. They operates in electronic way to control the in and out of the people in a respective area. Tag, tag reader, access control panel and lock works together for the functioning of the access control -system.


As we get familiar with the access -control system, door access control- system, biometric access control system, their installation and advantages. You should give a thought for installation of access -control system and contact a trustworthy company as Mar Tech.

Mar Tech Dubai:

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Our technicians work dedicatedly to install and maintain these systems to ensure your security and give you a peace of mind. If you are looking for the shops to purchase the access control system near me, look no further than Mar Tech Dubai.

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